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Not Just Your Average Review, For Not Just Your Average Roller

RAD Roller Review.

All In Rad Kit.

We all know life can be stressful, whether you be a business man, a mother, a father, a professional athlete or just your general Joe Bloggs. You could spend hundreds on weekly stereotypical massages or you could join RAD. As you are about to find out they are one in the same but for a fraction of the price, with an anywhere any time approach.

Michelle (or Helix)

This is the masseuse who has just picked up her immigrant status and received a massage certificate over the internet. You may have to conceal you identity as you enter this parlour with 20 staff in a small room and a few curtains to separate you from the dodgy middle age male client next door. However this will be one of the best massages you will receive the gentle touch of Michelle you will never forget. She is gentle up and across your back and relieves the tension from your neck shoulders and your lumbar. This soft approach can be just what the doctor ordered after a tough day at the office (literally or not), perfect if you still want to train hard the next day. She also does legs and glutes very well.

Mike (or Rad Rod)

This is the masseur recommended to you by your sick weekend warrior friend who loves pain. This brut of a man could be mellow if need be but let’s be honest he wants to beat the lactate out of your legs. Every once in a while you need a massage like this to recover from those tough session and you will see the benefits in days to come. Mike is great in a variety of methods up and down your legs but is also good (used in conjunction with a wall) to release backs sides and fronts of your arms and also swimmers lats.

Mandy (or Rad Rounds)

This is the masseuse that stands a little under 5 foot tall, very timid in nature and looks like she struggle to reach over the side of the table, let alone produce any pressure. As you leap off the table with her first touch you realise her name is MAN-dy for a reason. This little devil knows how to pick out the sweet spots with her elbows (rad rounds are very similar), as well as getting into muscle attachments and opening out pectoral muscles. She does finish off nicely with a soothing release though your palms and the balls of you feet.

Matty (or The Original Rad Roller)

This is the masseur where massage originated from. He is the masseur in your pocket that you can whip out anywhere for a quick roll. The perfect amount of release before he goes away again.

So there you have it RAD the everywhere massage tool. Always leaving you with that happy ending.

RAD has been the number 1 stress, tension and muscle releaser of Kieran McPherson Triathlete so check them out at


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