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"RAD Roller Shop"

Yeah.. Uh huh Im so restricted... [Chorus]

I'll take you to the RAD roller shop Check out the tools we got The expensive massages can stop Videos on how to hit that spot (woah) I'll take you to the RAD roller shop Everyone want what I got Wont cost all you got Tools just to hit that spot (woah) You can have it your way, what kit you wantin You can flush that thing out or you can pin point on it Lactate rising, okay lets go to the next level RAD kits jam packed, sacred like precious metal RAD breaks it down for you anywhere, it is that simple If you be a corporate, or be a gym folk Roll in the hotel or on your back in the airport Take it in your pocket to the park, or where ever youre into Weve got the RAD stick, this is the muscle doctor Have your friends impersonating on their inferior foam shocker

Now let me show you how to release it, with RAD , no problem Myofasically released, now no need to hide ya RAD are seasons vets with mike and dan starting this shit You dont need to work up a sweat to use the all in one kit I'm trying to explain RAD the best way I can Relief in motion their motto now it all in your hands (ha ha) [Chorus] RAD is what we do And everywhere we do Freedom of motion we do The difference between me and you Pin point accuracy, now take it nice and slow Up against a wall, not jumping on floor like you in the rodeo You ain't never seen quality like this before Unless you have ever got down with RAD before Soon as I come through our door, you realise our product is slicker It's not a race with no competition like Kenyans we quicker Isn't it sympolic how iconic not even after that long Had me thinking about RAD well after I'm gone RAD rounds touch the right spot at the right time Big or small, neck, feet, hands and sometimes your behind Controlled with the RAD block to release any bind Just a few second theres no need for the grind


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