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Xterra Brazil

Among the men, the gold trophy went to Oceania. New Zealand's Kieran McPherson, who finished second in 2017, had already said he was coming back for more than last year. The promise was fulfilled with a monstrous performance in the final stretch, which allowed him to overcome the then leader Karsten Madsen of Canada in the last km. Hexacampeão Brazilian and champion of the XTERRA Brazil in 2017, the paranaense Felipe Moletta lost more than 15 minutes repairing his bicycle, that had a torn tire soon to the 500 meters. Kieran celebrated the deserved triumph, remembered the importance of the family, congratulated the other athletes and revealed the desire to fight for the Brazilian circuit.

"My daughter Paisley is 4 months old and my wife Morgan supports me in everything, so that's why I can participate in these races and that victory was for them. I was too happy to come back here and win. I did a lot of biketraining, which is my weak point and it worked, because it was my fastest bike lap of the last four XTERRA I competed for. I gave a lot of importance to this stage and had great triathletes competing today (12/05). I hope that I see more Brazilians competing in the international editions and I want to fight for the Brazilian ranking because I love to compete in this country, "said McPherson, 26.

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